Services Offered
Who Is The Genie?
Contracts and Cost

For Individuals:

Hourly rates start at $30 an hour for research projects and a five-hour ($150) retainer is required. Research projects are renegotiated in five, ten, or twenty-hour time blocks.

Rates for writing are based on the project. In most cases, a contract is required.

Simple resume writing is a flat $150 rate. More complicated resumes could run higher.

For Nonprofit Organizations:

The Nonprofit Genie offers a variety of pricing for research and writing that fits in well with a nonprofit budget. Keep in mind that The Nonprofit Genie has made a long career in the nonprofit world, understands the ups and downs of budgets as well as the various needs that organizations have. Because of this unique depth of understanding, The Nonprofit Genie is willing to work within the budgets of various-sized organizations in order to perform the research and writing required.

Please visit our Contact page if you have more questions regarding cost.