Services Offered
Who Is The Genie?
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You may be able to use the assistance of The Nonprofit Genie if you:

*Have written a memoir but need help shaping or editing it

*You want to write a memoir, but prefer someone to interview you, listen to your story, and write your memoir for you

*Have a great deal of family history documented, but would like it written up in user-friendly form (for instance, to share with other family members, to pass down to children or grandchildren)

*Have not done any research on your family history and have no time to do so, but would love to have it researched, documented, and written up.

*Have a house with a history behind it, but no documentation of who owned it or lived there over the years

*Have been told that your house is haunted and want to know more about who occupied the house over the years in a possible effort to identify the ghost

*Have an important anniversary upcoming for your nonprofit organization and would like to have a history of the agency researched and written that could be used for fundraising purposes or to publish in an annual report

*Need a writer to assist with any sort of "word" project from resume writing to proofreading of a thesis or magazine article